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SCAN0035 - Physiology of aerobic electron transport chain...

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Unformatted text preview: ( Physiology of aerobic electron transport chain in Paracocus denitrificans C » ”W3 (Q' ducaorMJani) 2 w (. WZME 234991?er an: x 2H‘+20H”:Heo @MMWU?» ‘ Complex H a Fu marate Suocinate \\ DCMLLWEM’MSL (m; wk Mai Jymhmo Mwwmmg mmm {imam Us awe/phwfi and) @ [1‘ £1) 43 gig-Eh; l 25: 4g i’ffxgmii war. I if; 4"». gawmf-Eg germ/ti JD um“ €055) H20 CYTOPLASM (c 1 59 ...
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