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SCAN0062 - Terminal reductase complex 162 ° Catalyzes the...

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Unformatted text preview: Terminal reductase complex 162 ° Catalyzes the oxidation of Q or MG and the reduction of a terminal electron acceptor ‘ - Focus on four types: 1. O2 reductases (cytochrome oxidase) 2. N03; reductase 3. Fumarate reductase 4. Fe(|ll) reductase 1. O2 Reductase (cytochrome oxdase): two types in E. coli (i) cyt o (cyt aa3 analog in mitochondria) - expressed underM(100% = 250 MM) - sloppy enzyme (Hi Km, but Hi Vmax) ' Km = 2.0 HM (PM Wauzblilm . contains Cu chelated in center (colonies = green) C me W Page“ gqu- binds CO and ON nearly irreversibly ( Wm. WM... Wm ““5 9‘s“: - pumps protons (m AWE“ *3 WW»; 6‘53 - absorbs light at 450 nm (Soret band) [lbw achva‘M‘ifimw‘bj - oxidzes cyt b556 ...
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