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SCAN0048 - t(L 280 Regulation of Glycolysis(e grommet 1...

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Unformatted text preview: t (L 280 Regulation of Glycolysis (e grommet) 1. Energy Charge - ATP sensing, i.e., why go through glycolysis if the ATP levels are high? Wfldfiqd‘ Emmi-15 S131 {I W ‘ “HF Sam-«<6- -> Kinases are allosteric enzymes that bind ATP at a second (allosteric) site, thereby inhibiting substrate binding as the active site conformation changes f Low. Tmm A low AW ( NH? not band in 2”; an...) V) ———————————————————— _ _ _ JIAEMWIN WM“ i t*“YdiF6Pi high. d’t ”filly-Wt azw‘vfi Stew?" 4t?“ yzxg‘m m? (M? ”MAS to 2M 56:3 __.L > [F P] M‘Lh‘i Q’pbos’flmfl, 2' Regeneration O? NADHz t0 sustain respiration, Regeneration of NAD+ at respiratory chain to sustain glycolysis f? w? b \3'DQQ , NADH \5 M 0L; rm in Yfigpmjfim 3. Citrate -> Allosteric inhibitor of glycolytic enzymes (slmaw a: me) (CLWR blxdlréfm) u, 9km n 94mm Tm? cumin (mm £11nt‘vmgi3) .95 NAME“ S‘Mmfi dun/n kit/LAMS We 50 i35rw~z~d~-amm% ...
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