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SCAN0004 - Example of biocataiysis in fine chemical...

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Unformatted text preview: Example of biocataiysis in fine chemical synthesis Synthesis 01 ran L—amina acids by reductive lamination coon —o ire-E «mun-mm MWHWII’IIW mum Im- mm m“ co. m9 no.0 rm cum urine acid: "nu-mud “comm: la lune “We: www'xmwm Crixivan — the molecule Properties of Crixivan: - 5 chiral centers — decent solubility "ydroxy—N~(Z-Mrnxy-2.3-dimflradii-Linda , , HINT-(I.1flmmmmmi-2-DIIGIMME1M-5-I 7 good Stability (J-uyrldyinlel'Ml~1—llinarunyl' lhaxlnedllnl d8 huh-um Crlxivan; MK-EJS LJasfiza; Crixivan: metabolic network to key intermediate cis—aminoindanol Reaction engineering of an enzyme process hector achomo for enzymatic reductive aminallon Slml-bntch configurarlon la advulagooul 0.: DA . in any" or nonunion 1 Synthesis of Crixivan® (indinavir sulfate): HIV protease inhibitor from Merck 32w? Cfixivan: complex molecule 1X° & with five chiral centers Charm! mmu nut-mimnu m ”‘11an in m: mamiuw mifmfimrud ”Mix. m «an: ”mm Other pathways based on dioxygenation of indol—type compounds lndnlc N Chemical synthesis of WM- Mg; 1 Oi: - practiced since 1907 l “‘9 - environmentally Ctr“ unfriendly (KOH melt) u 0! — atom-uneconomical II no.5 Cumimufindvkwlndinlmvkmmrh min-Mb, WHWIWMMNMWMM Mp. :- me mdflr ...
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