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SCAN0005 - In vitro replication initiation steps Stage 1...

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Unformatted text preview: In vitro replication initiation steps: Stage 1: Formation of prepriming complex Stage 2: Formation of primed template (RNA) Stage 3: DNA synthesis . Other roteins involved in initiation not slow sto mutants Protein evidence and/or characteristics 1.dna G primase, makes RNA primer at oriC 2. rpoB dnaA' mutant suppressed by rpoBIn 3. HU stimulates formation of preprime complex 4. Gyrase balances supercoiling in r.i. assay 5. SSB protein enhances r.i. assay initiation 6. RNase H suppresses pseudo-origin initiation 7. DNA polymerase III 10 subunits, synthesizes DNA (A. 6 WllLW lut‘lwllr’ 10 ...
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