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SCAN0019 - T1 is 3X 21 bp repeats TerA Ter D Ter E Within ~...

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Unformatted text preview: T1 is 3X 21 bp repeats TerA, Ter D, Ter E Within ~ 2000 bp T2 is 4 x 21 bp repeats TerB, TerC, TerF, TerG . ,, Within ~10,000 bp ,6: ’2 1x 1x £92,)? {a - - (W)? 48,0 A D E \W ., H, 1W9 m, EQ‘EEJ‘DV? Ter sites act to slow up growing forks, localizes the end of replication to region. NOT essential. Can delete, cells Viable. Binds a protein called ‘Tus’ Tus oriented in one direction blocks replicating fork Chromosome Partitioning in Bacterial Cell Use Genetics to seek genes affecting partition. Look for mutants that affect genome segregation: Cells that divide to correct sizes, but with some cells having no DNA genome (stain with DAPI) Results mukA' a membrane protein MW“ ' muk B' like a motor protein, mukBEF complex — compacts DNA parC - subunit of topoisomerase IV parE _ “ of ‘€ “ ...
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