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SCAN0037 - Different Sigma Factors — Different Promoter...

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Unformatted text preview: Different Sigma Factors — Different Promoter Consensus Seguences sigma. & “_-3_5_’ m E 70 general TTGACA l 7 IATAAT 3 2 heat shock CCCTTGAA 13-15 CCCGATNT 5 4 nitrogen CTGGNA 6 TTGCA F flagellar CTAAA 1 5 GCCGATAA 38 stationary TG(N0_2)C_C_ATAAT* * IBC 2003 Kolb et a1. Transition form Initiation Complex to Elongation Phase Evidence for abortive initiations Hansen and McClure 1980 Studied different DNA promoters on fragments: Transcription assay: Leave out one rNTP, short RNAs made constantly, sigma still bound to core if disrupt Markers prod Prod Add all NTPs: Still see short RNAs! sigma released ...
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