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SCAN0045 - Promoter strength vs DNA promoter sequence...

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Unformatted text preview: Promoter strength vs DNA promoter sequence Several Predictive Scoring Algorithms exist based on: Closeness to consensus at -10 region Closeness to sequence at -35 region Distance between -10 and -35 regions Distance between -10 and +1 Find: GOOd o Correlation .senes1 observed but other factors evident in vitro rate New approaches/factors to improving predicting promoter algorithms: Kanhere & Bansal 2005: Relative stability of surrounding sequence ~ WWW/3 awe [yd/WM); in Mister}; ”b (M glam Bolshoy et a1 2000-2003: DNA bending sequences (stretches of An'Tn helically spaced) L) lD‘N g‘gihliilfi Ml‘ms f. Ella Pvmlutl‘nms ...
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