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SCAN0056 - Tryptophan operon Operon codes for enzymes used...

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Unformatted text preview: Tryptophan operon Operon codes for enzymes used to synthesis of trp from chorismic acid. Essential amino acid. For E. coli- Dual regulation by end product inhibition Ed attenuation control. n'pE D C B A 4—i—i_____i:I:‘ p 140 att 1800 1800 1200 1200 800 t trpR - codes for trp repressor; tetramer, 4 x 12,000amu 20-30 molecules/cell. trpR at 0 min, trp operon at 27 min. L tryptophan: corepressor with trpR. (M W\ tin TrpR repressor control of transcription: “ Regulation by End Product Inhibition trpRER R+trp <—>R-trp; R-trp+ OHRtTp'O K~2X1010M'1 A! a i i . . fl , 59% YD represses transcriptlon 70X (0‘ 1"?” . (/np'v (“0“ ‘F‘L‘L‘ -— gratfilé» moi-aw}: _7 13 ...
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