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SCAN0003 - Mutational Data‘élf mutate bases in DsrA that...

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Unformatted text preview: Mutational Data‘élf mutate bases in DsrA that are complementary to rpoS mRNA, DsrA doesn’t function. How does DsrA enhance rpoS mRNA translation? Molecular mechanism? Initial Model: A) Normally rpoS mRNA translated at low level due to ‘predicted’ self structure blocking RBS B) DsrA RNA pairs to rpoS mRNA alters structure exposes RBS, enhances translation 2: ‘ 2 a £2 ma ' a 5 “@3. {gas RNA DE flnlnflfl ”I 1:011 . flGMflihufl' { W30 sum \Olm’lM/LES 813x?» ...
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