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SCAN0004 - ‘Vgabiwij in 3W Evidence for model Mutations...

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Unformatted text preview: ‘Vgabiwij in 3W Evidence for model: Mutations in AUG region of RpoS mRNA that inhibit predicted mRNA self-structure give increased [RpoS]. (which bases should be mutated? Controls? ”.5,” Fth 2 Mumof me Hummus-RES umaummulhflmfflm mum Additional factors need to consider: a) Cunning et al. 1999 - Need ~500 nt of 5’ end of rpoS mRNA and qu protein to enhance translation b) Sledjeski et al 2002 - For DsrA to enhance rpoS mRNA translation need qu protein MOdlfied MOdel . RBSBlucked RpoS tmnslalion low I 1] fl .x-v—w:\5. 1338 free RpoS translation high ...
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