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SCAN0010 - A(it high wxiuglv V B G in or mnmwil WW3 L ‘...

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Unformatted text preview: A: (it high wxiuglv V B: G; in» or mnmwil WW3, L ‘ ‘V ' W it“ “Tm WW3 U ‘5 bmb new“ ' V D9430 ‘ 3 95%“ PWR‘JTJW liloQ 1%th , I , W sum 15‘ “9&3 caw'lw i IrAzflfqtpolyAm Derzfllq , t} a [[18 1 I "’“M ' birds 31 943K (2 FIGURE 3. um hindingm qu is competed will) by polyrm but D“ A __9 lndlmhry not pawn) 5’-end-labe:l<d mus was incubated with incmm'ng can» usmmtiom of (A) long polydispcssc (200—400 no puly(U) (05-500 ng, lanes 3—6); in) long polydixperse {July-{A} (us—sou as“ lanes 3—7, 343); and ur} polfiA} , (lanes 3-6321: 25cc: fior 5 min. failowezl by the: imam-on of 3 11M High) or binding but" l-) and a second incu- W MS as a- VM 1mm“ in 25°C rm 5 min. To comm! rm RNA, RNA inumctim Dsm was incubated (A) with u, hunt a; or wilhmu (—, lane 7} 31» pg of poly/disperse palyst): or (B) with (05—500 ng. lanes 3—13) m without V (1mm 1) poiydispem polyi'A). The mp complain in B are trapped in W Mutational studies show qu binds polyA on distal side, and appears to bind DsrA on proximal side Proximal (‘55ka Distal £le M 10 ...
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