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SCAN0030 - How do ribosomes initiate translation of mRNAs...

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Unformatted text preview: How do ribosomes initiate translation of mRNAs? 1970—1990’5 mRNA RBS segments isolated 5' —— UAAGGAGG —(5—10 nucleotides)—AUG _. l .( .qum 16S rRNA 3’---AUUCCUCC -(~1400 nucleotides)—5' Initiation Steps l. 308 + IF3 —+ 3OS°IF3 +IF1 —> 3OS-IF3 -IFl (mmmkl 2. 30$°IF3°IF1 + RBS —> mRNA'3OS'IF3'IFl (IFl fills ‘A’ site blocks tRNA from binding) IFZ + fmet-tRNA —> IF2° fmet—tRNA Schematic of initiation process. Note here this implies IF2 binds 308 first, then tRNA )niMlWA at”? u (Lg-b) NM \nihoi’nwt inches ...
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