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SCAN0031 - Elongation requires participation of elongation...

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Unformatted text preview: Elongation requires participation of elongation factors - EF-Tu (also called EF1A) binds aa-tRNA . EF-Ts (EF1B) interacts with EF—Tu; GDP<—>GTP - EF-G (EF2) needed for mRNAtranslocation EF-Tu & EF-G are small GTP-binding proteins. A summary of the sequence of events follows. Elongation cycle Ribosorne structure and position of factors & tRNAs based on cryo-EM with 3D image reconstruction. (Dr. J. Frank). Colors: large ribosome subunit, cyan; smallvsubunit, pale yellow; EF-Tu, red; EF-G, blue. tRNAs, gray, magenta, green, ...
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