Ocean Resources Final Exam Review Sheet

Ocean Resources Final Exam Review Sheet - GS 154 F10 Review...

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GS 154 F10 Review Sheet 2 December 2010 FINAL EXAM TUESDAY DEC 14 10:30 AM IN CLASSROOM Exam will be generally similar to the mid-term Some short (a sentence or two) questions about Cod book Atmospheric Circulation What causes circulation of the atmosphere? Solar irradiation and heating effects Warms up unevenly Uneven bc world is a sphere Sketch and describe an atmospheric convection cell Warm over land, cool over water What is the Coriolis effect? Earth surface velocity decreases toward poles Air moving toward poles move eastward faster than Earth surface Air moving toward equator moves eastward more slowly than Earth surface Winds move to right in N. Hemisphere, to left in S. Hemisphere Earth is a sphere and spins, pole doesn’t go very far, but at equator it goes faster Sketch of : Surface air flow and convection cells on a rotating Earth Three zones Why are winds important for ocean resources? Winds redistribute heat- Important for ocean currents, upwelling of nutrients, controls phytoplankton (photsynthesis), food chain, where fish live Bc earth is a rotating sphere, speed of earth varies from equator to the pole Surface of the earth moving around What is the key to the greenhouse effect? Incoming radiation and heating Re-radiated long-wavelength radiation is absorbed by green house gases- infared Atmospheric heating Earth surface absorbs radiation and re-radiates it that is absorbed What are three major greenhouse gases? Carbon Dioxide, methane, water vapor Ocean Currents: What role does the Coriolis effect play in transferring wind energy to surface ocean currents? What is the net water transport dircection in relation to the wind direction? Right in northern hemisphere bc of coriolis effect What are the Oceanic Gyres? Circular motion of surface water- major in the ocean, big loops that go around in N. Hem. and S. Hem. What drives these? Transferring wind energy- blows across water to make surface water move
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Wind pattern causes this Sketch the major gyres (e.g., N and S Atlantic) and current directions What is oceanic upwelling? Why is this important for ocean resources? Where are the main zones of upwelling and what causes these? Equator and west coast of peru, trade wind induced upwelling, west side of continents , western NA, western Africa, Polar regions- Antarctic southern regions Draw a nutrient profile with depth in the ocean and explain why it has this shape. Low at top bc sunlight penetrates and phytoplantion take nutrients out of sea water, concentration veruses depth- higher when phytoplankton die and nutrients go back into ocean Why is most ocean productivity at the surface (<100m depth)? Shallow water photosynthesis
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Ocean Resources Final Exam Review Sheet - GS 154 F10 Review...

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