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Review+Sheet+Exam+1-undone - Winter2011,Dr.Grayson On this...

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Review Sheet for Psych 111 Exam 1 Winter 2011, Dr. Grayson On this test, we WON’T ask you questions about names of psychologists or other researchers. However, be forewarned that we will ask a few questions from the readings that were not necessarily covered in lecture or section. That said, keep in mind that we’re asking roughly 50-60 questions, mostly multiple-choice and some short answer, about some 160 pages of material and many hours of lecture and discussion. This means that we’re not going to be asking for super-minute or trivial details. If something comes up in both the textbook and lecture/discussion section, it’s probably important and worth testing. If something comes up in the readings at length or repeatedly, it may very well be important even if we didn’t specifically cover it in lecture or section. But if a topic gets a total of three words in the textbook and never gets even indirectly mentioned in lecture or section, that probably means we’re not very likely to ask about it on a test. Use this review sheet, as well as the end-of-chapter reviews in the textbook, to help you pinpoint what will be most important to focus on. We won’t guarantee that this review sheet completely exhausts everything you could possibly need to know for the exam, but if you have a sound understanding of all the topics listed here, you will do very well on the exam. That said, be careful to study so as to UNDERSTAND the material, not just  regurgitate it. Memorizing definitions without being able to apply them to  EXAMPLES will not get you very far on the exams in this course! It is very  important to us that you be able to APPLY what you know, not just recite it. CHAPTERS 1-2 SCIENCE AND PSEUDOSCIENCE / RESEARCH METHODS The following topics were covered in lecture and/or section: 4 major goals of psychology Describe how people and animals behave Understand and explain the causes of behavior Predict behaviors/reactions across situations Control behavior through understanding its causes and consequences Scientific methods of psychology Perspectives on psychology (you don’t have to memorize the list, but be aware of what each one of them is) Psychodynamic-  (Sigmund Freud)-Behavior is explained in terms of
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inherited instincts, biological drive, and attempts to resolve conflicts- UNCONSCIOUS drive Behavioral-  (John Watson, Skinner)-Primarily concerned with observable  behavior that can be objectively recorded. See what goes in and out but not middle, external environmental influence, rewards and punishment. Humanistic-  (Carl Rogers, Maslow)-emphasizes an individual’s inherent capacity for making rational choices and developing to maximum potential. Self-actualization, free will. Cognitive- 
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Review+Sheet+Exam+1-undone - Winter2011,Dr.Grayson On this...

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