CHFD 2200

CHFD 2200 - ♦ Increased levels of relativistic thinking...

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CHFD 2200 Theories of changes in Thinking in Early Adulthood Piaget—post formal thought Perry-epistemic cognition Justifiability of conclusions Dualistic vs. realistic thinking “The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know”—Socrates Labouvie(female)-vief Pragmatic thought: better at using logic More relativistic: mid 20’s Expertise: acquisition of extensive knowledge in a field Takes many years:10 year rule—more automatic Affects information processing Effects on creativity Creativity usually rises in early adulthood Bachelor’s Degrees among those ages 25-29: 33% of women & 26% of men High school dropouts among those ages 22-24: 11%(women);14% (men) 30-50% of collegians drop out of college Personal factors Institutional factors
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Effect on earnings College experience Opportunities for exploration
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Unformatted text preview: ♦ Increased levels of relativistic thinking, worldview ♦ Importance of involvement in campus life(living on campus) *classes link information to other classes* Middle Adulthood (40-60) ♦ Presbyopia—“old eyes” ♦ Difficulties in dim light ♦ Reduced color discrimination ♦ Glaucoma risk *all the above are due to flexible retina* Presbycusis—“old hearing” ♦ Earliest, most loss in high frequencies ♦ Starts in late adolescence ♦ Gender differences(men lose more hearing) ♦ Hearing aids can help(amplify sound) *skin changes in Mid Adulthood* Wrinkles ♦ Forehead—starting in 30s ♦ Crow’s feet—40s Sagging ♦ Face, arms, legs UVB ♦ Can damage DNA ♦ Biggest causes of sun cancer ♦ Bad for immune system Age spots—after age 50 ♦ Faster with sun exposure, for women ♦ Collagen: diminishes as we get older ♦ Fat diminishes...
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CHFD 2200 - ♦ Increased levels of relativistic thinking...

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