CHFD 2200(d)

CHFD 2200(d) - men—happier than women in Mid Adulthood...

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CHFD 2200 Trends in fertility Fewer married couples have children Profound changes Gender roles become more traditional Marriage can be strained Parenting Challenges with adolescents Challenges with young children Powerful source of adult development Levinson’s Mid Adult Season Midlife transition(40-45) Early life structure(45-50) Age 50 transition(50-55) Culminating life structure(55-60) *women: focusing on careers* less college educated, more likely to use body college men—less concerned about physical aging more complex, integrated self-descriptions increases in feelings of: self-acceptance
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autonomy environmental mastery midlife—increased well-being, happiness Factors in Midlife Psychological Well-Being good health exercise sense of control social support good marriage mastery of multiple roles
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Unformatted text preview: men—happier than women in Mid Adulthood Relationships in Midlife Many have more close relationships than any other period of life children new family members parents often living friends Marriage in Mid Adulthood Time as a couple • marital satisfaction curve=>U-shaped ♦ upward swing Divorce rates ♦ stabilized since 80s ♦ 45% U.S. ♦ About 7% higher for remarriages ♦ First seven years, midlife most common times Divorce in Midlife Increasing prevalence Explanations Gender and divorce Divorce & Health Cardiovascular disease Feminization of property Adjustment Easier than in early adulthood Parenting in Mid Adulthood Launching—“letting go” • Stressful if delayed Empty nest syndrome • Affects daily life...
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CHFD 2200(d) - men—happier than women in Mid Adulthood...

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