CHFD 3712 - Relaxation techniques Meditation Religious...

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CHFD 3710 Improvements in Technology New medical technologies will keep older people healthy and active longer Many technologies today(drugs, cell phones, computers, adaptive devices & assistive technology) Improvements in Environment Computers that adjust hearing aids to environment Cameras or other devices Improvements in self-care Exercise Good eating habits Rest Stress release Medical checkups Early life experiences influence later life health Lifestyle changes for improving health Better nutrition Quit/never start smoking Moderate use of alcohol Aerobic exercise—improves a whole range of physical conditions Overweight body doesn’t work as well
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American focus on weight loss and diet misses the point of successful aging
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Unformatted text preview: Relaxation techniques Meditation Religious retreats Will longer life expectancy be a good thing? Disease & loss of function pushed to very old age Living longer, but with more chance illness? Fries (1980, 1987) predicted Life expectancy increase accompanied by fewer years of disability Less suffering from chronic disease Less need for medical care Most will die around age 85 Successful aging Ability to maintain low risk of disease & disease related disability High mental & physical function Active engagement with life Life chances affect later life health Early poverty Can lead to a chain of life course insults Parent health and health behavior Entering later life with different health resources Socioeconomic differences...
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CHFD 3712 - Relaxation techniques Meditation Religious...

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