CHFD 3710

CHFD 3710 - Social Cultural Historical Minority aging...

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CHFD 3710 Multiple Jeopardy A person with more than one of those faces multiple jeopardy Classification of People Minority group membership, and Age(old) Gender(female) Social class(lower) Health(poor) *Age adds to existing minority group disadvantage* Leveling Dominant and Minority member situations look more alike as they age Health Income Decrease in white income mostly responsible Lowest earners may increase income with Social Security Some support for Leveling perspective Mortality expectancy gap closes in late age Life Course Perspective Life unfolds from birth to death in three contexts:
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Unformatted text preview: Social Cultural Historical Minority aging influenced by: Social institutions Historical periods and events Personal biography Life cycle stage Life events Resources Older African Americans Health • Worse than whites on most measures • Greater risks of: ♦ Heart disease ♦ Cancer ♦ Cerebrovascular disease ♦ Diabetes ♦ Higher rates of disability ♦ Disability occurs earlier in life Barriers to healthcare Income Less access to goal healthcare Lack of confidence in healthcare system...
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CHFD 3710 - Social Cultural Historical Minority aging...

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