CHFD 3710

CHFD 3710 - Americans ♦ When services available most...

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CHFD 3710 Older Hispanic Americans Lower death rates than whites of some diseases More likely than whites to have “accelerated aging” Less use of nursing homes, hospitals Delay treatment Lack of funds Fear of hospitals Lack of health insurance *families may not be able to provide care.* *formal care provider lack of cultural understanding* Older Asian Americans Generally good health Subgroups affected by different illnesses Few studies of older Asian American health care needs Undeserved by social service agencies that don’t specifically serve Asian
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Unformatted text preview: Americans ♦ When services available, most don’t address needs of subgroups i.e. Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, and more Older American Indians Poor health Greatest likelihood of lifetime health problems Predictors of poor health Health income Low education Advanced age Response to Minority Group Aging More challenges Immigration laws require families to support older members Assumption that minority families are willing & able to give all care....
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CHFD 3710 - Americans ♦ When services available most...

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