World China 4 Philosophies

But if what they have to say is not fixed then do

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Unformatted text preview: sion ­ leads to courage Moderation ­ leads to generosity Humility ­ leads to leadership Taoist Response to Confucianism Taoist Chuang Chou Chuang (Chuang Tzu or ZhuangZi ) The Way has nothing The Way has nothing to do with the “rights” and “wrongs” associated with traditions such as Confucianism. Words are not just wind. Words have something to say. But if what they have to say is not fixed, then do they really say something? Or do they say nothing? People suppose that words are different from the peeps of baby birds, but is there any difference, or isn’ t there? What does the Way rely upon, that we have true and false? What...
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