AM - The Americans(Reconstruction to the 21st Century...

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1 The Americans (Reconstruction to the 21st Century) Chapter 1: TELESCOPING THE TIMES Exploration and the Colonial Era CHAPTER OVERVIEW Native Americans develop complex societies. Starting in 1492, Europeans and then Africans bring their cultures to the New World. British colonies thrive, and Britain dominates North America after defeating France at war. Section 1: The Americas, West Africa, and Europe MAIN IDEA On the eve of their interaction, Native American, West African, and European peoples lived in complex societies. The first humans came to the Americas from Asia. As long ago as 22,000 years, they crossed a bridge of land that once connected Asia and Alaska. For many thousands of years, these groups spread throughout the continents of North America and South America. They lived by hunting large animals. When these animals died out, they had to find new sources of food. Between 10,000 and 5,000 years ago, groups in central Mexico began to farm. The practice spread. Farming made possible the development of civilizations. In North America, each Native American group had a unique culture adapted to the climate and resources of their area. These different groups had some traits in common, though. Most viewed the land as a resource that all groups could share. Most believed that spirits filled the world. Most viewed the family as the basic unit of society. Trade routes linked groups living far from one another. In West Africa, three powerful kingdoms played important roles in the 1400s. Songhai controlled trade across the Sahara desert. Songhai rulers became famous for their wealth. Benin grew strong in the forest regions along the southern coast. In central Africa, the kingdom of Kongo united smaller areas under one ruler.
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2 The rulers of these kingdoms were strong. Most people lived in small villages. They farmed, herded, hunted, and fished. Life revolved around the family, and older people held special rank. Religion played an important role in life. Trading networks connected these kingdoms with other lands. Portuguese sailors arrived
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AM - The Americans(Reconstruction to the 21st Century...

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