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1 The Americans (Reconstruction to the 21st Century) Chapter 3: TELESCOPING THE TIMES The Growth of a Young Nation CHAPTER OVERVIEW In the first half of the 1800s, the United States grows—adding land and people. The economy grows throughout the nation, but the different regions develop varied ways of life and attitudes. Section 1 : The Jeffersonian Era MAIN IDEA During the presidencies of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe, the country grew in both size and prestige. Thomas Jefferson won a close and bitter election in 1800 to become president. Jefferson wanted to make the federal government smaller. At the same time, the Supreme Court acted to increase its power. Chief Justice John Marshall wrote the opinion in a critical decision, Marbury v. Madison. This established the principle of judicial review, which granted the Supreme Court authority to decide whether a law was allowed by the Constitution. Jefferson expanded American territory. He bought the vast Louisiana Territory from France. The land stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. The purchase doubled the size of the United States. Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore this territory. During Jefferson’s two terms as president, Britain and France fought a war. Both sides threatened American merchant ships. The British also seized sailors from American ships and forced them to join the British navy. In addition, the British helped Native Americans who fought settlers in the West. Anger against Britain rose. Finally, in 1812, Congress declared war on Great Britain.
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2 In 1814, the Treaty of Ghent ended the war but created no clear winner. The war had important results, though. The Federalist party died out. The war also led Americans to develop their own industries. Finally, it showed that the United States was truly independent of Britain. Americans felt strong national pride in the years after the War of 1812. The nation
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am3 - The Americans (Reconstruction to the 21st Century)...

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