am8 - The Americans (Reconstruction to the 21st Century)...

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1 The Americans (Reconstruction to the 21st Century) Chapter 8: TELESCOPING THE TIMES Life at the Turn of the 20th Century CHAPTER OVERVIEW As the twentieth century begins, American culture changes due to new technological advances, cultural forms, and mass media. Some Americans, though, protest discrimination that denies them rights. Section 1: Science and Urban Life MAIN IDEA Advances in science and technology helped solve urban problems, including overcrowding. Technological advances began to meet the nation’s need for communication, transportation, and space. One advance was the use of steel frameworks to build tall buildings. Skyscrapers made cities grow vertically; streetcar lines helped them grow horizontally. People could now live in one part of a city and work in another. Soon transit lines linked cities and suburbs into larger areas. To avoid congestion on the streets, some cities built elevated train lines. Steel bridges joined sections of cities across rivers. Urban planners made cities more livable by designing parks and recreational areas. One of the most extensive was Central Park in New York City. Both Boston and Chicago grew by following carefully laid-out plans. Technology also improved communications. Orville and Wilbur Wright of Dayton, Ohio built the first airplane. The government quickly adopted the new technology to transport mail across the continent. As the number of people who could read quickly increased, publishers printed more and more books, magazines, and newspapers. Improvements in papermaking, printing, and typesetting helped spur this growth as well.
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2 Another invention made pictures, rather than words, more accessible. With George Eastman’s camera, millions of Americans were able to take pictures as a hobby. Journalists used cameras to capture news as it happened.
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am8 - The Americans (Reconstruction to the 21st Century)...

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