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1 The Americans (Reconstruction to the 21st Century) Chapter 15: TELESCOPING THE TIMES The New Deal CHAPTER OVERVIEW President Roosevelt launches a program aiming to end the Depression. The Depression and his New Deal have profound effects. Section 1 : A New Deal Fights the Depression MAIN IDEA After becoming president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt used government programs to combat the Depression. In the 1932 election, Franklin Delano Roosevelt—or FDR—won a landslide victory, and Democrats took control of the House and Senate. His policies were called the New Deal. The first step was to reform banking: many were closing, causing panic. The new president tried to end the crisis by temporarily closing banks and passing a number of new laws. He reassured the nation in a radio “fireside chat” that explained his policies. Roosevelt acted to help farmers and other workers. The Agricultural Adjustment Act raised food prices. Other agencies hired jobless workers for conservation or building projects. An agency was created to help the needy. The National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) promoted industrial growth. The Tennessee Valley Authority brought flood control and electricity to a poor region. The president’s actions were attacked by liberals as not enough and by conservatives as too radical. When the Supreme Court overturned the NIRA and another New Deal law, Roosevelt proposed a plan to add his own justices to the Court. It failed. Eventually the Court backed the New Deal, but the court scheme cost him support. Three critics of Roosevelt rose to prominence. Father Charles Coughlin blasted the president on his popular radio show. Dr. Francis Townsend proposed a national pension
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2 for the elderly. Huey Long, a politician from Louisiana, proclaimed a plan called “Share Our Wealth.” Section 2: The Second New Deal Takes Hold MAIN IDEA The Second New Deal included new programs to extend federal aid and
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am15 - The Americans(Reconstruction to the 21st Century...

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