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am24 - The Americans(Reconstruction to the 21st Century...

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1 The Americans (Reconstruction to the 21st Century) Chapter 24: TELESCOPING THE TIMES An Age of Limits CHAPTER OVERVIEW Richard Nixon takes office as president, halting the growth of federal power and changing foreign policy. He resigns in disgrace during his second term, and his successors are unable to fix growing economic problems. Section 1: The Nixon Administration MAIN IDEA President Richard M. Nixon tried to steer the country in a conservative direction and away from federal control. Richard Nixon pursued conservative policies. To cut the influence of the federal government, he introduced revenue sharing. This policy gave local and state governments more freedom to spend federal aid. Nixon wanted to reform welfare, but his plan failed to pass Congress. At first Nixon cooperated with Congress, which Democrats controlled. Soon he refused to spend money voted by Congress on programs that he did not like. The Supreme Court ruled this action unconstitutional. Beginning a policy of law and order, Nixon enlisted the CIA and IRS to harass his “enemies”—liberals and dissidents. Nixon hoped to bolster his political support—especially in the South—to ensure his reelection. He tried to slow school integration, but the Supreme Court ordered the administration to move more quickly. He also named conservatives to fill vacancies in the Supreme Court. A stagnant economy troubled the country. By 1973, the inflation rate had doubled, and the unemployment rate was up fifty percent. The causes were high spending on the Vietnam War, growing foreign competition, and the difficulty of finding jobs for millions
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2 of new workers. Another problem was reduced supply of and higher prices for oil and gasoline. Nixon’s efforts to lower prices did not work. Nixon dramatically changed U.S. relations with Communist countries. He eased Cold War tensions. He ended the war with Vietnam. In 1972, he visited Communist China.
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