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The Roaring Twenties Terms Isolationism Communism Flapper Anarchists Quota System Teapot Dome Scandal Urban sprawl Installment Plan Prohibition Speakeasy Bootlegger Fundamentalism Scopes Trial Harlem Renaissance Red Scare Stock Market Crash Dates 1919-1933 1920 1929 People Sacco and Vanzetti Louis Armstrong John L. Lewis Duke Ellington Warren G. Harding James Weldon Johnson Charles Evans Hughes Charles Lindbergh Calvin Coolidge William Jennings Bryan
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Unformatted text preview: Clarence Darrow Bessie Smith Marcus Garvey Langston Hughes Louis Armstrong Literature The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald) Dream Variations (Hughes) Court Cases Documents Fordney-McCumber Tariff 18 th Amendment 19 th Amendment 20 th Amendment Quotes “The business of America is business.” (Coolidge) “A chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage.” (Hoover)...
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