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am37 - Court Cases Gibbons vs Ogden Documents Land...

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Westward Expansion Terms Capitalists Kitchen Cabinet Interchangeable Parts Manifest Destiny Era of Good Feelings Forty-niner Protective Tariff Trade Unions Suffrage Mason-Dixon Line Caucus Factory System Spoils System Jacksonian Democracy Immigrant Intercontinental Railroad Dates 1803 1812 1845 1848 1849 People Lewis and Clark Robert Fulton Andrew Jackson Martin Van Buren Horace Mann Louis Daguerre Eli Whitney Samuel F. B. Morse Dorothea Dix James K. Polk Elizabeth Cady Stanton Cyrus McCormick Susan B. Anthony Henry Bessemer James Monroe John Deere Literature The Raven (Poe) The Murders in the Rue Morgue (Poe) Moby Dick (Melville)
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Unformatted text preview: Court Cases Gibbons vs. Ogden Documents Land Ordinance of 1785 Seneca Falls Three-Fifth’s Compromise Louisiana Purchase Embargo Act Compromise of 1850 Missouri Compromise Mexican Cession Gadsden Purchase Monroe Doctrine Kansas-Nebraska Act Indian Removal Act Quotes “The people have no right to sell….” (Tecumseh) “The Cherokees are nearly all prisoners….”(Trail of Tears) “Remember the Alamo” “I will fight no more forever.” (Chief Joseph) “Damn the torpedoes…Full speed ahead. ..” (Perry)...
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