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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Chapter Transformations...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7: Chapter Transformations Transformations p. 396 Reminder Reminder Pre image Original shape or Original object. object. A A’ Image Shape or object Shape after it has been moved. moved. Isometry Isometry Definition – a transformation that preserves length. length. Means the original lengths of the objects are Means not changed and the pre image & image are still congruent. still A dilation is NOT an isometry because the dilation image gets smaller or larger than the pre image. image. Transformation Transformation Definition – anything that maps (or moves) a pre image to an image. moves) 4 Basic types of transformations: 1. Reflection 2. Rotation 3. Translation 4. Dilation Reflection (flip) Reflection • Must draw the line of reflection A A’ Rotation (turn) Rotation • Need the center of rotation labeled • Need the angle of rotation labeled A’ A 90o angle of rotation, clockwise. clockwise. Center of Center rotation rotation Translation (slide) Translation • Need direction vector drawn. A A’ Translation in coordinate plane Translation If ΔABC is the pre image with A(-1,-3), B(1,-1), If ABC & C(-1,0), sketch the image after the translation: translation: (x,y) (x-3,y+4) This means subtract 3 from all x-values & add This 4 to all y-values in the ordered pairs given for the pre image. for This will give you the new ordered pairs for This the image. the Finding the new points Finding ΔABC A (-1,-3) B (1,-1) C (-1,0) ΔA’B’C’ A’ (-4,1) B’ (-2,3) C’ (-4,4) Glide reflection Glide • A translation, then a reflection. A A’ A’’ Let’s look at some book examples! Let’s p. 400 #23-25 p. 401 #36-39, 41 p. 407 #12-14, 18 p. 408 #22-24 p. 416 #13, 17 p. 426 #20, 25, 27 p. 427 #44 p. 433 #9-12 p. 434 #22 Homework #100 Homework p. 446-448 (1-15) all ...
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