testRobot - r1.LeftFace() r1.MoveForward(0) PrintLine(5,...

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Option Strict On Option Explicit On Module testRobot M Public Sub Main() Dim r1 As New CRobot(1, 2, "north") Dim r2, r3 As CRobot FileOpen(5, " out.dat", OpenMode.Output) 'add path PrintLine(5, r1.Location()) r1.LeftFace() r1.MoveForward(3) PrintLine(5, r1.Location()) r1.LeftFace() r1.LeftFace() r1.MoveBackward(5) PrintLine(5, r1.Location()) r1.MoveForward(14) PrintLine(5, r1.Location()) r1.RightFace()
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Unformatted text preview: r1.LeftFace() r1.MoveForward(0) PrintLine(5, r1.Location()) r2 = r1 PrintLine(5, r2.Location()) r3 = New CRobot(r1.xLoc - 1, r1.yLoc + 2, (r1.Orientation)) PrintLine(5, r3.Location()) 'tests Dim sMsg As String r3.MoveForward(-2) r3.MoveForward(-2) r3.MoveBackward(-3) r3.MoveForward(1.2) PrintLine(5, r3.Location()) FileClose(5) End Sub End Module...
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