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img010 - ‘Ketone bodies A e waste products of metabolism...

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Unformatted text preview: ‘Ketone bodies: A ' e waste products of metabolism that have little metabolic value. ) re converted to glucose during a prolonged fast. ,Gfare generally produced by the liver from the metabolism of acetyl CoA. [fiequire B-hydroxy—B-methyl glutaryl CoA reductase for their synthesis. /e)" are products of fatty acid synthase. . Which of the following equations represents the reaction catalyzed by Wehgdro gage? ; uyruvate + +NADH ----- > lactate + MNAD V M i" ” /c)"yruvate + CO2 + ATP ----- > oxaloacetate + ADP + Pi ? ‘ (fie, Mbosphoenolpyruvate + ADP ----- > pyruvate + ATP (N N“ (Myruvate + NADH ---> ethanol + NAD+ + CO2 s Q Q?“- Which one of the following enzymes is NOT involved in the synthesis of glycogen from glucose? ja/glycogen synthase / DWCDGW“ QW ( 0950“” L9 b glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase . T " exokinase , UK 0 at d) phosphoglucomutase \/ (191).] (0+? 0) e) glycogen branching enzyme 1/ 42. Which one of the following statement is FALSE c nceming the oxidation! of fatty acids? [3- oxidation of fatty acids takes place in the mitochondrion Me ATP yield from the oxidation of a C15 fatty acid to CO2 15 more than three times the yield of ATP from the oxidation of glucose to C02. FADH2 is a product of the action of acyl CoA dehydrogenase. 02 15 released during the action of B- ketothiolase. flatty acyl camitine is the substrate of camitine acyl transferase II. 43. Which of the following is a nonessential amino acid ? zaythreonine ICUCiI’lC \(' \‘fr\ {1 ‘ 1' ‘» proline‘ Methionine /e‘)/tryptophan S . . . . H5 44. Less me in} 0 [3| [)Q is needed 1n the d1et 1f gyfifiigf is already present in the diet. a) arginine, aspartate \ b) leucine, isoleucine c) isoleucine, leucine methionine, cysteine e histidine, urocanic acid ...
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