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Unformatted text preview: Quims Imps:llelearningcourses.ufl.edu/webcI/ComemPageServerServlet/ex.. INTRODUCTION TO BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY DR. C. M. ALLEN JUNE 19, 1997 1. Which of the following statements about the enzyme activity of fructose 2,6-bisphosphatase is FALSE? It is inactivated when the concentration of glucagon in the blood is high. km 910%“ It is part of a bifunctional enzyme. ‘ _ . It is most active when phosphorylatedfi‘ 00d D‘T‘OJTFOPJICUC Kmflffl It produces fructose—G—phosphate as a product. Its substrate is fructose—2,6—bisphosphate. 3° PP'\(:\?{0 A list of intermediates in metabolism are paired below with an enzyme. Select the pair in which the intermediate does NOT inhibit the enzyme with which it is listed. ___——— citrate, phosphofructokinase—I ATP, phosphofructokinase-I fructose—2‘,6—bisphosphate, fructose 1,6 bisphosphatase NAD’, pyruvate dehydrogenase MAD“ ‘In Nbli’f/ 0.0+ NADI acetyl CoA, pyruvate dehydrogenase Which one of the following enzymes is inactivated by phosphorylation with ATP? phosphofructokinase-II “\UOQhVQWd by PL glycogen phosphorylase fructose 2 , 6 bisphosphatase pyruvate carboxylase hexokinase Which of the following is found associated with Complex IV of the electron transport system? *‘J‘ NADH Coenzyme Q reductase XF‘MN (flavoprotein) non-heme iron sulfur protein J cytochrome oxidase the pumping of 3+ from the intermembrane space to the matrix _. /@;/;/r/ a» new .w WXW Cyanide is an inhibitor of the oxidation of Eztochrome‘i in the electron transport system. If NADH is added to a mitochondrialwguspension inhibited with cyanide how many moles ovaTP would’be synthesized per mole of W? \ I 0f12 10/22/2008 1:19 PM __t_—_________J ...
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