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img035 - m mass Wm C?rcwafi Vshwed(Ween «9630...

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Unformatted text preview: m mass Wm C?rcwafi(% Vshwed (Ween «9630 upaplagfcilG )d% 6. Antibody diversity is achieVed through a process of: * n8 [8, é) Somatic recombination. Z W ) DNA repair. C C) DNA-protein transfer. [A D) Variable region duplications. \ E) Immune cell growth and division. 7 Immunoglobulin G is: The most abundant circulating antibody. : The "divalent" antibody prepared by proteolytic cleavage. C) Formed by the end regiOns of each carboxyl chain. ' 3‘ D) Formed mainly against globular proteins. \ , E) Has the highest aflinity for cellular antigens. . , ' , V77 8. A Mom followed by a pyrimidine rich region is a signal for: GOG- m A) initiation of protein synthesis. B) termination of protein synthesis. ‘ D 6‘ 9’ (IO?) C) initiation of replication (ori sequence). S initiation of transcription. (”if M $00 0 9 Br termination of transcription. . U Q G, ' 9. Use of this agent has resulted in aplastic anemia in susceptible indi ‘duals: A) Streptomycin B) Ascorbic Acid ' C Puromycin- - Q Chloramphenicol Aminoglycoside 10. Which of the following is NOT formed from IMP? A) xanthylic acid = adenylosuccinate Q _5-Phosphoribos’ylamine - D AMP' E) ADP 150 ...
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