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img044 - For questions 9-11 choose the most correct...

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Unformatted text preview: For questions 9-11, choose the most correct response fmm the following 1m; The large subunit of the ribosome. The small subunit of the ribosome. The ribosomal A site. The ribosomal'P site. One of the ribosomal proteins. WP??? 9. / Location of peptid'yl transferase activity. A (A Q (AM ‘ 10. D The translocuse factor (EEG) move: the growing peptide chain to I; 1L€Binding site {Or initiation factors. 8 12. Which of the following 13 a common intermediate in the biosynthesi: of both purine and pyrimidine nucleotide: by the 519m pathways? S‘phosphoribosyl-l-pymphosphate ./ Phosphoribosylamine Inosinie acid Orotidine 5’ phosphate Hypoxauthlne wPOMQ p 13. ' In mammalianeell: the nitrogen atom: ofthe purinedng are denied from. / . 2 Aspartatqglutamine and glycineJ V 135 Ammofxia. glutamine and aspartate ’C. Urea and ammonia D. Glycine, ammonia and glutamate I | I I I I I I I I a Glycine and aspartate I For questions .1446, choose the most correct response from the following list: I . I I I I I Repremor RNA polymerase Structural gene Operator region Promoter region - $11.59.“? 1+ 14. Inducer molecule: interact with , A to affect the rate of genetic expression.- Contains information for-synthesis of cellular proteins.C ‘ 16 Enhanced bindingin'pmence bragmifraémrl 5 . z I- ,_ 151 ...
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