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img067 - 29 Which of the following is a characteristic of a...

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Unformatted text preview: 29. Which of the following is a characteristic of a eukaryotic enhancer element? a) It occurs in the promoter sequence b) It is often used in translation‘regulation © Its sequence can still function if its orientation isteversed d) It is always within the coding portion of the gene e) None of the above 'For questions 30 through 36. use the following choices: a) Euhryoticu'anslationsystem b) Prohryoticmlationsystem c) mmehnndrinlunnshtionsystmn d) Eachoftheabove e) Noneoftheahove '30. E hasSOSandSOSt-ibommalmbunits 32. 4&kame 33. '_A_usesenetgyfiomATPtoseanmRNAforinifintioncodon 34. LmShlne—Delgunoseqnenee ‘ as. Lmamm 36. Lunuse4nucleotid6331wdm 37.‘ Whichotmerouowmgcaninhibitbompmhryodcmdwmyoucmnshuon? a) Penicillin ‘ by l. mu“ MK 9)’ Ricin / Cyclohezdmide 158 ) and! ——a——a ‘ ‘I ...
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