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img068 - I i"1 —l*7"1 Which of the...

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Unformatted text preview: I i "1 —l *7, "1 Which of the following" IS a possible base sequence for the DNA strmd segment which' is transcribed to give the mRNA for the tripeptide IleCys—Phe? (Use the following codons: lie, AUC; Q's, UGC; and Pine, UUU) (3% S’—TAGACGAAA— ' 5 ' AA AA 3/ A m1 5’—AAAGCAGAT—3' S» x _ um; 3, ‘ c) S’-AUCUGCUUU—’ * J‘e' a d) 5’—AAAGCAGAU—3' c) None of the above (r'pfi ka .‘ 'I‘lmanticodonofyeestalanyl—tkNAisT-GGCHB’ Whichofthefollowingis 'likelytobethealanineeodon? (S'-3'repmentsthedirectimoftheeodonand anticodon.) 3 5'—CCG-3‘ 5’-GCC-3‘ / t o.) 5’-GGC-3’ 5 F79” " d) swan-3' 5 GCC 3/ e) 5’-AUU-3’ . WIflchofthefollowing-conmmentsofflteronghendqflasmicredwhmis eomposedoprolypepfideeandaBOO—nncleotideRNAnnlewle? n)- 'l‘licsignalpeptidase b) Thesignnlseqimcc c) ’I'hedocldngprotein © 'I‘hesignalrecognitionpartinle e) Noneoftheabove Forquestionsfl through43, matchthefollowlngdiamcteristiesofsignalsequencwwiththe nppropriateorganelle: a) 5 consecutive positively charged amino acids b) Rich in serines and threonines A c) Hydrophdne amino acids mtodmddrion Nucleus Endoplasmic reticulum 159 ...
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