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img077 - 22 Origin of the circled atom in the de novo...

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Unformatted text preview: 22. Origin of the circled atom in the de novo synthesis of purines (see figure below). A. Aspartate B. Ammonia C. Urea D. Glutamine GD Glycinew 23. Each of the following statgments is true about mRNA in most cells EXCEPT which one? _.._ -.._,...~-—-r—--‘—“f/‘/ / K431; ail/,AMMV-It-is heterogeneous in ye. r 1,, , (1:18. --._-.It~gacl§.s;_fqripx.o.tem ./ a V (60, It binds to elongation factors during translation.)< x7 x ’ D.//lteissynthesized~on—DNAfl/ // / I’V E. It contains untranslated nucleotides. / ~"’/ L4 24. In which of the following ways does DNA differ from RNA? RNA are usually linke Y 2', 3' PhDS’l’fi‘salias—tier bridges. B -QNAcontafis'ribothymidineiNhereas RNABontains dihydrouracil; (C; DNA in cells exists main] in B form helices, while RNA helices ' y A ./ D A. The basesin- DNA newbyjj,u§jyphosphodiester bridgeswhile tlfi: bases in form helices. v.’ ...—~- .9--.“ mi - ’DNA'E‘o‘t—itairi‘sh 'o'rilypii'r‘inEXases while RNA ‘Cb‘ntainsonlyp’yrimidine bases. E. None of the above. 25. Which of the following statements is TRUE? 3} . 3‘; P A. fiNA/helicase [catalyiesthe—fonnatioii‘o'fphosphodiéster bonds 'beweefiadfment DNA stfand’sz/ . W M“ DNA ligases utilize NAN or ATN J DNA ligase acts preferentially on the leading strand D. RNA primers made by primase consist of l to 5 nucleotides E.—..,/POLIJI..isefound.inhighenabundan’ce‘thanP-oH’. C. 26. The synthesis of PRPP (phospho—ribosyl pyrophosphate) is: n W 63669 (-9 909‘ -' ‘A/ Inhibited by GDP .-r'> ?' B. Stimulated by ATP W“ C. Stimulated by CDP D. Inhibited by GTP E. None of the above ...
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