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img099 - f3“ J40 4 Which of the following is NOT required...

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Unformatted text preview: f3“ J40. 4.. Which of the following is NOT required for correct transcription initiation in bacteria? H A. Ribonucleoside triphosphates WWW-6 Dissociation of the two DNA strands in the DNA double helix @KNA ligase Agra-L Ah fiK-“nifi eN‘A": ALL of the above are required for bacterial transcription initiation. Removes RNA rimers from Okazaki fragments: 0 ”A PC“ I PDNA Pol l C. DNA Pol II D. DNA Pol III E. Ribonuclease 0 Enzymatic conversion ofw to GMP requires: ATD ATP . glycine D. tetrahydrofolate E. None of the above g inner mitochondrial membrane - Synthesis of this compound fiom aspartate, using the “de novo pathway”, requires an enzyme in the outer mitochondrial compartment. M . carbamoyl phosphate uridylic acid ylieaeid- :- questions 43-44, choose the most correct response from the following list: A. DNA Polymerase I B. DNA Polymerase II C. DNA Polymerase [II D. RNA polymerase E. guanylyl transferase This enzyme is said to have “high processivity" by virtue of the ‘clamp” formed by its beta subunits. DIVA Pd I11 Removes primers from Okazaki fragments 5((fi'lgin of the circled atom in the d__e___ novo synthesis of pyrimidines (see figure next page): Aspartate B Ammonia C. Urea D. Glutamine E. Glycine ...
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