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Unformatted text preview: 25. Which of the following statements concerning DNA replication is TRUE). A. 3) C. 1)., B DNA ligasc' is only required on the lagging strand. RNA synthesis is required for DNA rcplieation On both the leading strand and lagging strand. An origin of replication is only required for DNA synthesis on the leading strand Okazalri fragments are found on the leading and lagging strands. More origins of replication (ori sequences) are needed for DNA synthesis on the lagging strand deoxyribonuclease. .‘26. .UracilinDNA: @ is removed by a deoxyriboaticleasc. is eruymatieally converted to thymine by methylation. i0 \ can cause mutations in DNA by pairing with cytosine. 0 f {)0 is usually repw with thymine as a result of DNA repair 0,5900 isnsually replaced withcytosineasaresultofDNArepair: 27. Which of the following occurs in the 3' to 5' direction? @ - D. E. The editing fiinction of RNA polymerase H. The editing fiinction ofDNA polymerase I. ’5‘ a ‘5 The reaction eatalyzcd by photolyase. Ibepolymedzationreactioneatalyzedbyreyeiscuanscriptase. 023% ThetranslationomeNA. S"/9$ , . 28. Which of the following statements concerning translation (protein synthesis)‘ is FALSE? (9 (a) C. D. E 0% WP) GTP is required for initiation complex formation on both prohiryotic and eukaryotic ribosomes. X Peptidyl transfer is catalyzed by Hum. _ AUG is an initiation codon in bout piokaryotea and eukaryotea. The large and small ribosomal subunits dissociate after translation termination. All ribosomes consist of two subunits. . 154 -- -.— -‘ w.“ .- t— v-’ ‘ -...- 'r-I .._ ...
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