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img129 - 7 4L Enzymauc wuvctstuu 01 mar u tuvu lwuuw...

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Unformatted text preview: 7 4L Enzymauc wuvctstuu 01 mar u.) tuvu' lwuuw- ‘A. ' [nnct mitochondrial~ membrane B Glycine ., C GTP _ Tetmhydrofolate E. None of the above 42. Synthesis of this compound from glutamine requires an enzyme in (he-outer nfitochondrialeompartment. A. Inosine monophosphate B. Xanthylic acid :6) Orotic acid (r- D. Carbamoyl phosphate . . E. None of the above wed“; . 43. Odginofthecimled atomWedeanosanOFvgunnec. ‘ ‘76? 5/003" 09 Aspartate ° ‘Q: (If \ (ICU , IV B. Ammonia @ C \\C I] c. Um - I; r 45. A pdmet having 'the sequence "TI‘GCAGCTAA" u extended with theKlenow fiagment of DNA polymerase I in the presume of deoxycytidine(dC1‘P), deoxyguanosine (dGTP), deoxythymidine (dTI'P). W. and using a DNA template having the soquwoc ”W2 Which of the following sequence: coucspondx to the expected pmdnct(s) of this motion? ‘ ' I . A V \ Ca}; (2,; up»; A. "ITCCAGCTAACI‘AGA’ o J 3 n. SITCCAGCTAACIGAACP C I a c. ‘AAGGTCGATI‘GA” . 31) "TI‘CCAGCI‘AACCI‘A" C9 wig wt cw; E. None of the above 158 ...
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