review 2 - 1. Content Is the question being addressed made...

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1. Content Is the question being addressed made clear up front? Is the discussion of relevant material from class clear, accurate, and complete? Does it provide an accurate discussion of the content of the recent article including the motivation, methods, results, and conclusions? Does it include a conclusion that integrates everything? Does it make any claims without substantiating them (if it’s not obvious, this is not a good thing!)? Your Comments: Provide specific comments about the paper's content. What parts of the content were the strongest? The weakest? Be very specific about the problems and try to suggest ways to fix them. The paper includes accurate information from class and discussion. Your introduction paragraph is attention grabbing and makes me want to read the rest of the paper. The paper was easy to read and flowed well for the most part. The procedure of the experiment was explained well in your paper. I was able to fully follow what happened in the experiment. The paragraph about the results of your article’s experiment was a little difficult to follow. I would go through your paper again to ensure everything makes sense. I have not read the article, so I was a little confused about what the results exactly were. The paper just ends. I think you should add a paragraph at the end of your paper to tie everything together. Your Rating: Based on your comments above, how would you rate the logical arguments of this
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review 2 - 1. Content Is the question being addressed made...

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