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Page 1 Name:_______________________ ( Please clearly circle the correct answer for Q 1-5 ) ( Q1-9 are 5 points each ) 1) Three identical 5-Liter flasks are filled with F 2 , Cl 2 , and Ar, respectively, at 1bar and 273K. Which statement is TRUE? A) The densities of all the gases are the same. B) The velocities of the gas particles in each of the three flasks are the same. C) The same number of gas particles are present in each flask. D) The molar entropy of all three gases is the same. 2) One vessel contains helium gas. A second vessel contains argon gas. Both vessels have the same molar concentration, initial pressure, and temperature. Without changing the concentration of the two gases, equal root mean square velocities could be achieved in the two vessels by doing which of the following to the argon-containing vessel. (Assume that both gases behave ideally.) A) Nothing, the velocities are already equal B) Decreasing the volume C) Increasing the volume D) Increasing the temperature E) Lowering the temperature 3) CO 2 (linear) has the following van der Waals parameters: a = 3.592 atm L 2 /mol 2 and b = 0.04267 L/mol. Which of the following values could be true for SO 2 (bent)? a b A) 1.385 0.02648 B) 2.253 0.06823 C) 6.714 0.05636 D) 4.170 0.03610 4) Assuming ideal behavior, given 1 mole of each of the following gases, which one will require the greatest input of heat under constant pressure to raise the temperature of the gas by 10 K? A)
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230_W10_E1_blank - 230 W10 Exam 1 Page 1 Name:_ (Please...

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