music review 3 - Erin Goode April 6, 2009 Music in Our...

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Erin Goode April 6, 2009 Music in Our Lives Concert Review #3 I attended the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra concert on Thursday, April 2 at Hill Auditorium. The auditorium was extremely crowded as people eagerly waited for the show to begin. Some people sitting around me were talking about how they were excited for the show and others were talking about other concerts that they had seen recently. Before sitting in the auditorium, I did not understand how well known this orchestra was and how enthusiastic people were about seeing this concert. The orchestra began to play their instruments over all the chatter of the crowd. They were all warm up separately and it did not sound very good. Once the orchestra began playing, the entire auditorium became silent. Each person was playing different notes on their instrument. The musicians seemed to be warming up, and once all they stopped playing, everyone in the audience clapped. Then they played their first piece, an excerpt from Parsifal, Good Friday Music, composed by Richard Wagner. They all began to play together and it was very enjoyable to listen to. At times the music would get very loud, making the piece exciting and interesting, and other times it was more quiet, making the music seem relaxing and
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peaceful. When the piece was calm, it sounded like music that would
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music review 3 - Erin Goode April 6, 2009 Music in Our...

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