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History Lecture Immigration Lecture - IMMIGRATION 1880-1925...

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1 IMMIGRATION, 1880-1925 Map : World immigration to U.S., 1880-2000 Graphs : Foreign-Born Population, 1800-2000 Foreign-Born Population, 1850-2000 Web Map: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/03/10/us/20090310- immigration-explorer.html Music : Al Jolson sings Alexander’s Ragtime Band (1911) – Irving Berlin’s first international hit If It Wasn’t for the Irish and Jews (1912) by the Tin Pan Alley duo William Jerome and Jean Schwartz (Mick Maloney version) Irving Berlin, White Christmas (1942); Bing Crosby version con- sidered the best-selling song of all time (over 50 million cop- ies); written by a Jewish immigrant Slide : J. Keppler, "Welcome to All," Puck , 1880 Almost 50 million individuals have immigrated to the United States since 1776 16 times greater than 1776 population 5 times greater than Rocky Mountain states pop. in 1970 Most countries are smaller than 50 million (Poland, Canada) More than the combined pop. of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Israel, the Czech Rep. and Slovakia. Decade Total Immigration to U.S. 1821-30 143,000 1831-40 599,000 1841-50 1,713,000 1851-60 2,598,000 1861-70 2,314,000 1870-80 2,812,000 1881-90 5,246,000 1891-1900 3,687,000 1901-10 8,795,000 1911-20 5,735,000 1921-30 4,107,000
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1 IMMIGRATION, 1880-1925 1901-10 is greatest decade, but 1911-20 would have been if there had been no World War. Slides : Global Migration, 1500-1814 Atlantic Migrations 1880-1920 Density of Europe 1900 Maps of U.S. in 1910 with immigrant population What group was the largest? Germans (largest group every year except for three (when Irish led) from 1854-1892 Where are the Russians? New York and N. Dakota; national ex- perience Where are there few immigrants? South Slides : Immigration 1800-2005 per 1000 Immigration graph 1866-1925 (with breakdown by northern, cent- ral, eastern, and southern Europe) Pie Chart: Place of Origin of Immigrant Population, 1920 l880l930: 27 million total immigrants to U.S. Classified in popular culture as "new immigrants" - from eastern and southern Europe; "old immigrants" before 1880 came from northern and western Europe Slide : steerage quarters For most this was a horrifying experience; one immigrant, 1900s: "On board the ship we became utterly dejected. Seasickness broke out among us. Hundreds of people had vomiting fits. . . . As all were crossing the ocean for the first time, they thought their end had come. The confusion of cries was unbearable. . . . I wanted to escape from that inferno but no sooner had I thrust my head forward from the lower bunk than someone above me vomited straight upon my head. I wiped the vomit away, dragged myself onto the deck, leaned against the railing and vomited my share into the sea, and lay down half- dead upon the deck." Slide : Ellis Island (1892) - entry point for 17 million Europeans; built to process 5,000/day, but by 1905 as many as 10,000/day came through; as many as 3,000 suicides/year; called "a cattle station disguised as a church." (Charyn, 27, 36)
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History Lecture Immigration Lecture - IMMIGRATION 1880-1925...

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