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Tropics and Tropical Culture: Second Take-Home Exam (Target Due –Date: 12/07) Definitions (answer 12 of 15; 1-2 clauses/sentences): 1. Amazonian Barrancoid 9. Xinguano 2. Marajoara 10. Orellana/Carvajal 3. Llanos de Mojos (Baure) 11. Walter Raleigh 4. Açutuba 12. Caboclo/riberinho 5. Geoglyphs 13. Kayapo 6. Tupinamba 14. Yanomamo 7. Taino 15. Terra preta 8. Gavan Short Answer: (answer 5 of 8; 2-4 sentences) 1. Xingu Garden Cities 5. Tropical Forest Culture 2. Landscape Domestication 6. Rubber Boom 3. Amazon Polychrome Tradition 7. Tupi-Guarani 4. Arawak Diaspora
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Unformatted text preview: Essay (answer 3 of 4; 250-500 words; use specific examples in the essay): 1. Describe the nature of late pre-Columbian complex societies in Amazonia. 2. What were the impacts of colonialism on people along the Amazon or in other parts of Amazonia? 3. Describe some of the contemporary challenges and opportunities faced by indigenous peoples, cite specific examples/peoples. 4. Compare and contrast cultural features of the Yanomamo, Kayapo, and Xinguano peoples....
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take-home-2 - Essay(answer 3 of 4 250-500 words use...

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