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ec women - Courtney Arnold 9431-1315 Extra Credit The Women...

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Courtney Arnold 9431-1315 Extra Credit- The Women Clare Boothe Luce's The Women follows the complicated lives of wealthy Manhattan housewives and the men they 'love'. The play mainly focuses on Mary Haines, played by Jessamyn Fuller, and the gossip swirling about her life. Her husband, Stephen Haines, was rumored to be having an affair with a perfume counter girl, Crystal Allen. Mary's friends help spread the gossip of Mary's disaster, especially Sylvia Fowler, who is like the 'queen of gossip and fashion' in New York. When confronted with truth of Ms. Allen's 'unapologetic attitude' and satisfaction of Mr. Haines payments, Mary is disgusted and flees. Everyone tells Mary to just let it go and pretend she does no know of the affair, but Mary has too much pride and confronts Stephen. The Haines servant, Jane, descriptively tells another servant how the fight happened. That was the best part of the production, I thought. Carolina Cuervo, who played Jane, did a fantastic job. The way she displayed herself and her tone was phenomenal and hilarious. Mary decides
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