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Assignment 1: Getting to Know EvolutionLab: The Influence of Precipitation on Beak Size and Population Number I hypothesize that if an island has hard seeds as a main food supply then the finches will adapt to their surrounding and develop deeper beaks to handle the hard seeds of the island. The Wallace Island finches with the 28 mm beak stayed about the same size over 300 years, while the Darwin Island finches beak size increased to 25 mm. The Wallace finches had a steady growth and decay over the 300 years. Only in the first year did they have a dramatic expansion but then they hit their population cap and just fluctuated around 850. The Darwin finches graph had a progressive growth over the 300 years to 723. By 2290, the finch populations should be about the same on both islands. The data from this graph supports my hypothesis. The Darwin beak sizes increased while the Wallace remained about the same, supporting my hypothesis that finches would adapt to crack hard seeds. With the growth of the Darwin beaks and the Wallace beaks staying the same, it shows that the islands are similar in the environment and food supply. Deeper beaks make cracking harder seeds easier. Both islands must have hard seeds for the finches to adapt in to having larger beaks. As the Darwin Island's beak size increased, more birds survived. The Wallace Island remained about constant over the 300 years. More birds survived over all on the Wallace Island compared to the Darwin Island. I had no expectation over which island would allow for better adaption but Wallace Island definitely was better for adaption than Darwin Island. If there was a decrease in precipitation on Darwin Island, then the beak size will continue
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evolution lab - Assignment 1: Getting to Know EvolutionLab:...

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