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Courtney Arnold9431-1315Sam Dellinger's Raiders of the Lost Arkansas 1. How are illustrations used in the web site? Are pictures, maps, and figures used to emphasize specific points, or are they simply backdrop with little relationship to the text? On almost every page there is at least one illustration. The illustrations emphasize the text well. In the "Arkansas Antiques" section, the illustrations provide a visual model of the artwork being discussed. There are multiple photos to show the variation of the same pots and drawings. Some illustrations do not match up completely to the text or just fail to make the connection in my mind. For example, there is a photo of an interesting engraving in a conch shell, however the text involves the Spiro Mound Group and the excavation of their region. It never mentions the relevance of the shell. The reader is left to assume the shell was found in the excavation in that region, but cannot be positive. Websites like this should not leave so many unanswered questions.2. If given the chance, how would you restructure and rewrite the website you chose to analyze? Are there major portions of the web site that could be cut, and entirely new sections added? I think the subsections should be more informative or have been combined. The little
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ant website anaylsis - Courtney Arnold9431-1315Sam...

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