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Courtney Arnold (AAA) 9431-1315 Article based on HRAF 2 Wolof Depiction of Death and Their Afterlife The Wolof culture is unique and historical. They have strict beliefs and practices based on Islam and magico-religious. They live in fear of their afterlife destiny. Through Vandewiele’s studies of this group, it has been found that adolescents have a great concern of death, especially their own. Euthanasia is not an option to these people. To them, God is the only one who can truly decide when someone should die. Introduction: Through Senegal, The Gambia and Mauritania, lives an ethnic group known as the Wolof. As of 2006, the total population of this ethnic group was approximately 3,976,500 (lewsi). The name, Wolof, comes from the language they speak, but French, English and Hassaniya Arabic is also spoken through the three states. They practice three types of religions: Sunni Islam (90 percent), Animism (6 percent) and Christianty (2 percent). Islam has the biggest influence on their daily life, beliefs and traditional ceremonies, especially their funeral rituals and belief in the afterlife. In these developing countries, death is a too familiar occurrence with famine and sickness. They believe they are "all are equal [to die] before God's decree (Vandewiele 183)." History : The history of the Wolof people remain a mystery. There are a few theories of how this culture has developed but nothing is confirmed because they settled before historic records were kept. Most of their history is preserved through oral praise songs, which only Wolof people know and understand. Many ethnographers have tried to study these songs and folklore, and have not figured out their exact meanings. Some believe that in
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HRAF2 - Courtney Arnold (AAA) 9431-1315 Article based on...

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